The Buzzsaw Boss Hog Chopper - brought to you by yours truly Jigsaw Electronics.

In search of more power, Performance, or Style?

We’ve got the right upgrade in-store to quell your adventurous thirst.
If you’re still on this page because you like what you see, this new line of scooters was designed for minds like yours.

Our Story

We’ve got our store up and running in the United States and our consumer electronic products are taking over the market with a major influence from our electric scooters.
Our mission is quite simple. We just want to design trendy quality bikes people can rely on to take them places. We cut down all the waiting time usually incurred when you order a shipment from China and you have to wait 6 months to a year with ridiculous shipping costs. We’re next door, just give us a call!

About us

As a new consumer electronic company, although we focus on the quality and durability of our products, we don’t want our users to miss out on the fun. Make your moves anyway you want, anywhere you want! everything we do, we put it together so you can fully enjoy yourself with our products. Whether you’re on bike lanes, on country lanes, in the street, or anywhere else, there’s a world out there and it deserves to be explored by you. Keep moving!

Power + speed + design at the right price

It’s as sleek as it looks, delivering a ravaging power of 3000 watts, and can hit up to 50 mph. Not bad huh? There’s no competing with this bike when it comes to the combination of all three features.
The Buzzsaw Boss Hog Chopper comes at an unbeatable price with all the major scooter upgrades it rolls with. It’s the sweetest deal you can lay your hands on in the market right now! No cheap talks.

Take on more destinations

The Buzzsaw comes with a supercharged durable 60V 30ah battery that allows you to travel up to 50 miles. This means you get to unlock more locations with a single charge! Check out your favorite spots, show off its stylistic design, and ride in grand style!

Perfect for your Daily Commute and more!

Go green – Switch to an eco-friendlier option (we love the earth). With this bike, you don’t have to worry about parking spots, traffic, gas price, crowded buses, or trains. It’s in and out of anywhere you want to go with ease.

We’ve got you covered with custom modifications!

Do you love fancy art on your bike? We took it to a whole another level. There’s no limit to the logo style or design you want to be added to your chopper. The chopper comes in four custom colors to choose from just so we don’t bore you.
This will by far be the most entertaining electric scooter of 2021 so don’t miss out on this opportunity to own this road beast. Your adventures are counting on you.

So, what’s stopping you?

Get your chopper today and hit your next destination in style!


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